Cloak unreliable?

so i was cloaked
my cloak was stable and there were no online mobile observatories the closest object was over 18 km away
cloak disables itself due to proximity to nearby sabre which was over 18 km away
are you kidding me or is there something sabres can do that decloaks anything on grid now

i´m realy sure, you just focked up with your Phönix Navvy Issue

If you really were in a Phoenix Navy Issue, it could be that your ship is so enormous that even though your ships’ centers were 18km apart, the actual hitboxes were closer than 2.5km. Either that or you got too close to a cargo container, jetcan, disrupt probe, or stargate.

If the sabre was landing and "touchted you while this this is also decloaking you.
Not only the final position is relevant also the way the sabre landed.


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