Cloaking For Ever

With the recent nerfs to the Rorqs and mining operations in null sec, I believe it is now time for a nerf to our PvP friends that like to grind mining and industry to a halt. It has been a long time coming and I would suggest that nerfing the cloaking device on ships would be a good start. I’m not talking about CPU or power requirements but the module itself. This module is able to run non stop from start of server till downtime, unmanned. I do believe that there should be some type of damage modifier on the module for extended periods of use. Just like overheating a module. Also a possible fuel source as well. Then a possible cool down period for this module.

Even in our real life, stealth bombers and stealth aircraft are not 100% undetectable. They give off heat and eco effects from radar pings. We have come up with ways to reduce these, making aircraft harder to track and locate, but not impossible.

I would ask that this idea be seriously thought about. Balance is what your here to achieve and this would be a good start for achieving some balance for the industrial people of EvE.

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