Cloaking while docking

Just a thought while drinking a beer… why cloak just before docking?

How about some other kind of animation, like tractor beam into station or just disappear.

That’s like cloaking, right? Then I suggest they get rid of the cloaking animation and replace it by a disappearing animation without the white outline… good use of programming power.

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When docking, I’d like to see your ship fold up into a briefcase, and your character waltz off screen briefcase in hand. Fits the ‘future’ theme. :smile:

– Gadget does admit a possible IP difficultly


I had this idea that ships appear in stations by microjumdriving by station manager. Would need animation similar to a gate jumping animation. Instead they use this long docking animation and ship just vanshes from space outside station.

I also had this idea to make docking on planet bases possible, using the same microjumpdriving animation and additional bases on planets, with new planet environnments and planet markets where people could sell their planetary interaction products. That would be tied to Planetary interaction rework too, with UI rework and additional features making it more feel like strategy game, more risks, some decision making, crewed colonies, random happenings, planetary market, etc…

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thank you for fixing this :slight_smile:

LOL, for a moment I thought you wrote: Cloaking while cooking :laughing:

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