Close/lock thread please

(Pip Herra) #1


2011 toon never been extracted

6.7 sp and still training until sold

2 Remaps available

positive wallet

No kill Rights

Located in High- sec- @ Amarr VIII (oris) -4

Starting Bid 6 bil

buy out … I’ll know it when I see it

I pay the transfer fee and all CCP T&Cs to be followed.

Preferred contact would be here in the forums.

(Pip Herra) #2

bump 6/29/17

(shadyDealz) #3

5 bil?

(Pip Herra) #4

bump :smiley:

(Baked Mugshot) #5

I would do 5.5 but that is all it needs alot of work on core skills etc

(Pip Herra) #6

agreed and shes still training and will get a few sp back when the patch happens tomorrow. 5.5 is a modest bid but shes still worth a little more.

(Pip Herra) #7

Daily bump

(Pip Herra) #8

the Legion is the new go to T3C daily bump

(Pip Herra) #9

bump bump

(Pip Herra) #10


(Roarw Raven) #11

Retracted, good luck!

(Pip Herra) #12

bump! Legion is the new tengu

(Pip Herra) #13

final bump before i have to resub and if so ill cancel this sale.

(Pip Herra) #14

final hours before re subbing.

(Pip Herra) #15

please close thread. sale cancelled