Nice sale :slight_smile:

Bump! Low price :wink: :sunny:

Bump! Low price :wink:

60 bil

Thx for bid,but start : 70b :sunny:

70 billion isk right here

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I have made arrangements ingame with the owner of this character to buy it for 70 Billion ISK.

I accept youre bid. Send isk and account info.

Isk sent and account info sent. It was great doing business with you!

No response on here about the character being sent which concerns me and no confirmation email. Luckily CCP is here to protect me if the seller doesn’t respond or follow through. Hopeful that it will be confirmed!

Support request 914827 is now open and awaiting GM response.

Awesome glad to hear that!

Still no email on my side, but assuming it is still going through.

No transaction of the character has occured. Reporting to CCP for refund. Ban incoming for the scammer!

Found that this scam post is similar to the same scammer from this post. WTS 94mil SP [Nyx. Hel. Revelation. T3. BO. Marauders]

I am assuming this is the same scammer as the misspelling are identical in the forum posts. I have determined that the Character Bazaar is now officially half scams and half legit sales.

For all people buying Characters through the Character Bazaar, be careful of the seller trying to scam and misspellings and incomplete links or incomplete Character descriptions are a sign of a scam. I believe that there should be a verification process prior to being able to post a character on the Character Bazaar and maybe charge a $5 verification fee which will deter scammers and RMT!

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