Skills -
Skillpoints - 5,153,327 + unallocated SP - 535,933
Implants - +5 implant for perception & +5 implant for willpower & +4 memory & +4 intelligence
Remaps - 1+1
Location - Jita
Wallet - positive
Killrights - none
Cybernetics V

BO: 3B

3bil offer

accepted, send Zeta Cuarenta isks and account name, thx

isk and emil sent. please check

Isk accepted. character transfer started, thx

I didn’t get the email about the start of the role transfer. Do you start the transfer?

Sorry i mean i created a ticket on support for the character transfer. There are 2 options. You can pay 20 EUR or 1000 plex. If you chose plex, you need create a ticket.


You can’t transfer roles by plex now, you can only transfer roles through US dollars.

since when? I’ve always transferred characters like this

You can take a look.

ok then… i will resend your money back. I didn’t know about that, thanks for understanding

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