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Positive wallet
Jita Stationed
2 bonus remap plus 1 unused remap
Clean employment history. Minmatar starting school

Minmatar Subsystems All level 5
Minmatar Cruiser 5

Drones 5
Medium Drones Specialization 5
Drone Avionics 4
Sharpshooting 4
Navigation 4
Durability 4

CPU Management 5
Power Grid Management 5
Capacitor Systems Operation 5
Capacitor Management 4
Thermodynamics 4
Energy Grid Management 4
Weapons Upgrade 4

Missile Launcher Operation 5
Heavy Assault Missiles 5
HAM Specialization 4
Missile Bombardment (range) 4
Missile Projection (range) 4
Missile Prediction (application) 4
Missile Precision (application) 4
Rapid Launch (damage) 4
Warhead Upgrades (damage) 4

Shield Management 4
Shield Operation 4
Shield Compensation 4
Shield Manipulation 4

Navigation 5
Acceleration 4
Afterburner 4
Evasive Maneuver 4

Signature Analysis 5
Long Range Targeting 4
Target Management 4

Astrometric 4
Relic Hack 3
Date Hack 3
Strength 3
Deviation 3
Duration 3

Never joined a player corporation so employment history is very clean. Overall, a good starter Loki, excellent for starting players who want to fly a decent ship that can do many contents. Will save you several months of training time. Definitely better than just flying frigates and destroyers.

Selling for 7Bil.


6B offer

6.5B and it’s yours. :slight_smile:

6 is my limit on this one I’m afraid. Good luck :slightly_smiling_face:

guess you’re leaving me no choice. 6b then. we got a deal?

Deal, will send isk and details shortly.

got it.

ISK and details sent

noted. sent you a message ingame.

Accepting offers






bump! still up for sale!

5b bid

6.5 And It is yours.

i can do 5.5 b :frowning: