[CLOSED] Auctioning "Ultra Rare" Amarr Suite "Imperial Commander's Dress Jacket and Pants" Sets (Male + Female, Plex 4 Good)

The suits in question are here.

There are only (18?) of each of the sets in the entire game. The only item from this set ever sold on market was the Male Shirt for 10b. No item from the set has ever been put on market at any price since.

Here is proof that I own these items.

  • I am auctioning these away for Plex4Good. Bids will be done in plex.

  • Bidding for the male / female sets are separate.

  • Bidding starts at 1000 PLEX and the minimum bid increment is 250 plex.

  • There is no buyout and bidding will close at roughly 20:00 to 23:00 this Saturday, and I will contact the winners on my livestream to send the contracts (so it would be cool if you were online then to accept on stream so I can send the plex to CCP on stream). I will be participating in the Frigate FFA

If a CPP dev is willing to act as an intermediator, I will send that CCP developer the suits and they can confirm the plex contract to plex4good. This would ensure that people don’t have to worry about this being a scam (I promise I’m not)

Both suits are located in Jita 4-4.

Edits: Jeez I’m bad at this, sorry, fixing the details, and lowered the price.


1k bid for men’s set, to get things started

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1k for the women one

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1.5k Women
1.5k Men

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2k for the men’s
2k for the women’s

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2.5k Plex - Mens

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2250 women

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4000 Plex for the Womans outfit.

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3k plex for the men’s

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3,250 Plex - Mens

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Bidding 4250 Plex for Women’s dress set.

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12 hours left for bids!

5000 PLEX - Women’s

4000 PLEX - Men’s

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4-5 hours left for bids my good friends.

I’d appreciate it if the winner of the bids was online at the end of the auction so I could contract you the stuff and send the plex to CCP on stream (though this doesn’t really matter, so don’t loose sleep over it)

5250 for women

I will allow 30 minutes for last second bids / snipes, time starts now

2 minutes if anyone is planning to snipe.

Auction is closed!

Thank you everyone!


Thank you for your support guys! o7

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