[SOLD] WTS Republic Commander's Dress Uniform

Men’s Version

Selling as a package, opening bids at 150b

Last Commander’s Dress Uniform sale went at 129b

Like that one, only 16 of these exist.


ill start you off with 80b

The Blade like from that SWTOR quest?

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A buyer has tentatively agreed to purchase at 240b in 7 days, will update this post if it falls through

The buyer has failed to honor the contract, bidding is reopened. Bidding resumes at the previous highest offer at 240b


Just an fyi the Caldari version last sold around 125B. I think the offer you got set unrealistic expectations for the price that you can get. There are sometimes bidders who outbid others without the isk to fill the contract. GL on the sale.


90B offer

I listed an opening price of 130b, the 240b offer came in less than 24 hours after I made the listing. That said he failed to liquidate and though he’s still trying to, my patience is not infinite. The highest current bid is 155 bil with counters expected

As I said ingame, please consider my 155b offer withdrawn, as I invested the isk in other things.

Yep, there’s another offer at that price


Small update, the window for counteroffers closes on the 22nd, if there doesn’t end up being a better offer by then the item will sell.

so you “had” a bunch of “offers”, but they seem to all have withdrawn, yet you still are on that price? bro went from 240b → 155b → whats next?

You got just as many paid actors as that moracha selling for 1T!


One party(240b) failed to liquidate. One of the offers re-invested isk after the 240b offer came in(that’s the 155 guy who withdrew here and in-game), and one party put their money into LSE’s after the 240b came in. I have one guy who retroactively bid below the current bid which, props to him if my current 155b guy also falls through which frankly at this point would be par for the course, and another who reached out to ask what the current bid was and has yet to respond with a counter.

This is stemming from the initial bidder at 240b saying he needed a week to liquidate and then failing to tell me that the assets he was attempting to offload were faction caps, if I had known that that was the plan I would have just left bidding open, all in all it’s a massive headache and I share your frustration.

Uniform is sold. Buyer asked that I not publicly disclose the price and I intend to honor that.

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