[CLOSED] I Want to Hear You Scream || Hard Commit || Smaller PVP corp for experienced pilots

we are still recruiting

we are still recruiting

Fri-days are for stir-fry and finding new Fri-ends - we’d love some of either but best if both :slight_smile:

look at this hel Hel | Ganner Katarn | Killmail | zKillboard killmail we got and then join our discord and have a talk about joining us

Highly reccomend, good quality pet pictures, 10/10

we are doing some chill blopsing and we are still recruiting

Another day another super kill

Get your next one with us

still kicking asses in the south and we are still recruiting

Mostly competent, dramaless people, decent isk and great content outside of blocs?

Before you say impossible, join our discord today!

Sunday funday, still open for new frens

Battle Report Tool we baited out RC but they didnt want to commit too much. come join :slight_smile:

we are still recruiting

Battle Report Tool we just had this amazing fight in our ustz, we are currently engaged in a war against till doomsday and their huge coalition. we fight over the control of the detorid/tenerifis regional

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Very much still looking for more extraordinary cap enjoyers

Bonus points if you’re the 666th viewer of this post and post the screenshot while applying on our discord :smiley:

Regardless if you write day/month or month/day, come talk to us on discord today

after collecting another free fortizar we are still recruiting

Still looking for friends to roam and drop with :parrot:

We are still open for fellow isotope enjoyers

This week we shall be fighting for quality pizza, join the fight against the Pineapple Heresy on our Discord