[CLOSED] I Want to Hear You Scream || Hard Commit || Smaller PVP corp for experienced pilots

I Want to Hear You Scream is a PvP group currently located in the South (Detorid) with the alliance Hard Commit, but you will find us anywhere on the map, especially in nullsec, lowsec and sometimes pochven for good pvp content.

The content we mostly crave requires us to have a big capital fleet so most of our spare isk goes towards expanding our capital fleet or replacing lost caps.

We are mostly vets fighting the good fight and looking for like minded nerds to join us. We have a RL comes first attitude and will find us to be a chilled and laid-back group with an expectation for corp and alliance ops participation if you are online but ultimately no hard fleet activity requirements per month.

Our Killboard: I Want to Hear you Scream
Alliance KB: Hard Commit

What IWHYS has to offer:

✪ Regular Content Availability in EUtz and UStz

✪ Corp hangars stuffed with ships to fly for trusted members

✪ SRP for anything lost in official ops, including caps stimulus program to get our people into more and the right capitals

✪ Various corp-based or corp/alliance-supported Isk making means (including more R64 than you can mine!)

✪ Friendly and helpful corp mates who are dedicated to help each other

✪ PVP in Null-sec, Low-Sec and Pochven

Who IWHYS is looking for:

✓ Be Active at least a few times a week

✓ At least 25 mil SP on main with a strong PvP focus and a healthy dose of not being (completely) bad

✓ Self-Sufficient (If you don’t know how to make isk, we’ll teach you!)

✓ At least 1 utility alt on separate account - Cyno alt, dread alt, HIC alt, logi alt, what have you - we will want you to have 3 accounts with a dedicated dread in one of them at some point in the future, we like capital content THIS much

✓ EU or US Timezone

✓ Discord and Teamspeak 3

No Drama

Our fight showcase:



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Daily dose of thread activity because we want some new frens!

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Still open, no spais please and thank you

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Life may be short but full of adventure if you join!

It may surprise you but we are still open

Weekends are not a reason to close recruitment!

last night we went into null to support some friends and we got ourselves a huge brawl Battle Report Tool

join in on the fun :slight_smile:

Corp has changed its profile and so has the ad

Let’s roll :rocket:

Still looking for above-average smallscale sov group enjoyers!

Friday is a fine day to begin a new adventure with us!

join the fun outside of blocs and a sea of blues in the south

MAYbe now is the time for you to apply? Send dudes

2nd of May, join us and everything will be okay

Had a great Friday night helping neighbors fight a local menace Battle Report Tool

Come be a part of the next fight

Mondays don’t have to suck - all it takes is a decent group to play Eve with. Check us out today!

watch this pog video from our last nightmare fleet where we dunked on zerg/scan and put their staging fort into hull Delete the Grid - YouTube after you watched feel free to hop on our discord and talk to us :slight_smile:

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Still on the look out for more chillvet friends to fly with

We are still recruiting :slight_smile:

i will post a picture of the cheesecake im baking on our discord so make sure you are joining that discord and talk to us about recruiting.

cheesecake picture has been posted and we are sill recruiting