CLOSED WTS 25 million SP Supercarrier/Force Auxiliary Pilot SUCCESFULLY Transfered

@ISD I can’t receive the Char and I need your help, please.

Seems dodgy… selling a character but doesnt have a debit card to pay…

No response from Support for now.

I sold 3 chars and i can tell that It takes 4 days maximum untill this moment.

Yes because i from Russia and under EU sunctions. we are disconnected from SWIFT. So I selling out my all chars to pay for play my main account.
Give me another way for payment and i ll do it immediately.

If it’s true I’ll wait for another 4 days.

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You under CCP protection. In any case you ll receive the Char or Money back.
i ll create another one ticket untill they solve this problem. May be it will help.

Good news Today I got answer from GM_Iris. And he transfered my another character Rhaiton Wong (wich I sold in another thread) to buyer. So I told him about transfer problem with Ray Raxton. Now Im waiting for response from him. May be he will help to hurry up.

Char received, thank you!

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TaiLa Eva thank you very much for patience/ GOOD LUCK with new char/
Sorry for delay/ I did my best/

Someone pointed out why there is no transfer record for the character, and I also want to know why?

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