[Closed]WTS 36m SP All JF4/Guardian Logi Orca/Bowhead t2 Caldari/Gallente Hauler with L4 Trading

Selling my Highsec asset buyer/mover trade alt.


  • Isk Positive

  • No killrights

  • 0.0 sec status

  • Currently sat in starter corp

  • No Jump clones currently

  • Implants plugged in on single clone listed in link above

  • Can fly all 4 JF with each racial skill L4

  • JDC5/JFC5

  • Can fly Orca/Bowhead with spec skills on both L4

  • Can fly T2 Caldari/Gallente Haulers

  • Most Trade skills L4

  • Most scanning/explo skills L4-L5

  • Decent drone skills

Starting bid at 25bn

Buyout 30bn

22.5 bil offer

my bid is 27 bil, b/o as posted in price check


Daily bump, will wrap this up in the next 24h hopefully

It’s a price check bumped by another in error im guessing.

29bil then

29bn Accepted then from Nill Hope.

Send isk to Delta Summers when ready and evemail with acc details and i will get the ball rolling on the transfer for you.

isk sent, please confirm payment and initiate transfer asap. Thank you

Isk recieved but no evemail with acc details for transfer

Ok didn’t see the note on the isk transfer, character transfer initiated

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