[CLOSED] WTS 4.9m Station Trader 2 Billion ISK

WTS 4.9m Station Trader charactername is Hannah Sunn


Im just corious u will Make like 900 mill loss on this one, u sure?

I’m sure. Buy the char and resell it, make profit :wink:

2b b/o

2.1 bil.

I am looking for someone that is willing to pay 5 Billion for both Hannah Sunn & Ky’ra Sweetcheeks.

Hannah Sunn: WTS 4.9m Station Trader 2 Billion ISK
Ky’ra Sweetcheeks: WTS 3.2m Combat Alt 1 Billion ISK

That 5 Billion includes me paying the transfer fee on both.

I am confused. Why don’t you just biomass them, instead?

Not selling the character Hannah Sunn anymore. Thread can be closed

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