[CLOSED] WTS C2 w/ NS C6 Static

thank you

WTS C2 w/ NS + C6
System: J125923
WH is currently cleared including all POCOs
Astrahus inside with fit

Price: 2b (3.5b with astrahus)

if you want to buy, contact me here or ingame mail

*will be closed soon so quick order please

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How we deal

*You need to pay the initial 1.5b to me. When your initial payment is confirmed, i will show you the chain to this WH.
*after you safely reach inside, then you send the rest 500m to me.
*If you also want to buy astrahus, then your initial payment is 2.5b and then 1b.

**This wh is very valuable in its static and planets combination, and thus this offer will be closed quick.

still open for sale.
Price is now 1b (2.5b with astrahus)
Get Quick :slight_smile:

zkill does not encourage to do a deal :wink:

no worries, we cleaned up and she hold there.
when you deal, then we get you in asap.

this offer is going to be closed in this weekend. anyone interested in this offer pls be quick :slight_smile:

is this still for sale?

yes, still available

can you message me in game on this character? iā€™m interested.

available ?

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