[CLOSED] WTS this Character 43M SP

This toon is for sale, 43M SP, can fly ships as per skills link,
No Kill Rights
in NPC,
Positive Wallet
3 Jump Clones all Hisec
Character located in Sankkasen VII - Moon 6 Science and Trade Institute School
CA-1 and CA-2 implants skills in above clone
Offers Please

20b offer

25b offer

27b offer. Thoughts?

30b offer

Highest bid so far…will let it run until 1600 UK Time if you are still highest it’s yours

See the 2 entries below…thanks for offer tho

31b offer

Thanks for offer highest bid at 1600 UK time will win auction

33b offer


Awaiting confirmation from FUNNY LOL to confirm sale

Sorry, it’s my break now. If you’re not in a hurry, how about tomorrow? Of course, you can also choose to sell to another buyer.

mail sent

30b now

Got your mail. Thanks.

Can do 31B as offered above right now. Please confirm here in thread.

yes can do that

Isk to be sent to this character

31B transfered, have also sendt account info.

got all that