[CLOSED] [WTS/WTA] Genghiz Cohen (97m skillpoints) Combat, Rorqual, Jump-Freighter etc

97m skillpoints (incl. 700k unallocated)

EveSkillboard → Genghiz Cohen

PW: 2143

Genghiz Cohen

  • has 3 jumpclones (2 x Amarr, 1 x Irshah)

  • can use 3 bonus remaps

  • Minmatar HACs and Recons trainable now!

  • can fly several pvp ships, for 0-sec fights (Loki, Svipul, Bifrost, Ares, Enyo, Thalia, Vulture, Helios, Damavik, Nemesis and others, many more T1 ships…)

  • can fly Rorqual and Anshar

  • can fly several industrial ships (Hulk, Prospect, Orca, Occator, Viator, some more and the T1 variants…)

  • is located in Amarr

  • has a positve wallet, no kill rights

  • gained some good npc standings

  • Genghiz is a good balanced and flexible char!

Starting bid: 50b ISK
Reserve hidden, will be revealed when met.
Buyout: 62b ISK

Auction ends April 6, 2021, 20:00 Eve time or when buyout is met.

All CCP rules apply.

Happy bidding :slight_smile:

I can offer 58b

Offer 62B Buyout

Thx Orlestane, we have a deal :slight_smile:

Send ISK and account info to me please.

I’ll start the transfer then.

isk and acc name sent

Both received. Thx again :slight_smile:

Give me a few minutes for the last preperations, then go!

And please keep in mind, that the char needs 10 hours to move to your account, due to CCP rules.

Transfer started.

Have fun with Genghiz !

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