really unique toon for sale.

able to fly more ships than i can list. (4 race t1 and t2)
able to run Caldari and amarr L4’s
would be able to fly any races dreadnoughts in 63 days
would be able to fly any races carrier in roughly 163 days.

45,255 unallocated SP

buyout 45 bil
starting bid 35 bil

sale ends Friday night 9 pm est

35 Bill offer

9 pm est will be the middle of the night for me, I’m CST time zone. I guess you’ll have to wait a few hours if I win this auction.

36 bil offer

37 Bill

37.5 bil

38 B…

38.5 bil

Last day bump

39 bill

I live in EU TZ so I’m about to log and go to sleep. Unless you accept soon you may need to wait for isk until we’re both awake tomorrow

My bid of 39B was accepted in game. I have sent ISK and account into to PHANTOM CHASER.

Edit: Confirmation email received!

confirmed character sold

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