12b, which is well above strip value. 14 is just too much. Sorry

9 billion isk ready

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I require 16 billion isk. No negotiations. No discussions.

The character should provide a good starting foundation for PVP and PVE. Added battleship skills to 4 and cruise missile to 4 with pre-existing missile support skills.

Those seeking to create an alt, it would be much cheaper than getting a cheap 5 mil sp starter for 3 billion then applying injectors. Doing so would cost over 20 billion for same amount of skillpoints. Save yourself isk.

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It’s a WTS. It’s not up for discussion. You got against the OP’s wishes for discussions nor offers, only sale at listed price. There is a discussion topic you can post threads in. Reported to be cleaned.

Every time anyone posts, people try to hi-jack with their self serving opinions. Your parentheses does nothing to hide from the fact that you are acting like a troll. Hope they adapt a rule that people like you get global forum ban after enough warnings.

Oooh. I am broke with 10 billion isk. Sell me. It’s not worth your price, I promise. I offer 50 cents on the dollar basically. Sell me. Pull this crap at a dealership, walmart, etc and you get security/cops called on you eventually. Here you just get to go to halloween section and wear a mask to get away with alts.

Where did you learn to PVE? This can’t run level 4’s? All are support skills. What’s missing? List them? Did not say king of all PVE. So what kind of BS are you saying? Mission running is PVE last I heard.

what I wrote was to answer on what you said in your previous post… nothing against you or your sell… if you don’t get it… don’t worry… good luck for your sell (I am sincere)

PS with PVE I am doing 3-4b per day playing few hours… so I know what I said… and in the title you wrote also “PVP”… but please don’t be aggressive, ok?

PPS if you want to contact me in game I can provide you more explanation on what I said

Sorry but this is the third thread basically that’s being attacked by people with their personal opinions and ridiculous offers like I am paying back debt to someone that’s break my legs otherwise. liquidating to make the figure.

GL, but I am not in mood with this crap. Not trying to get third sale derailed by alts and character recyclers.

Edit here. You don’t need to post new. Not in mood to deal with crap at the moment or I will get myself into trouble.

Wonder whatever happened to the character bazaar. Used to be much more busy and active. Someone stated more characters than demand. Could be. But there was always that amount, and injectors are too expensive comparatively. Doubt it is main cause.

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