Can fly Condor
Yearly and Bonus Remaps available.
Untouched Standings
Unallocated SP 46,920
Located: High Sec {Jita}
No Kills Right
Security Status: 0.0
No Jump Clones
3 Bonus Revamp available
Positive ISK Balance

Place your bids

100m offer cash ready can go higher if needed

Id give 300m

350m offer

You have to remember there’s a transfer cost equal to 20 EUR, and 500 plex is 20 EUR.
So keep in mind, I want to see if someone is intressted in the name, age and untouched killboard

My max atm is around 600m if thats good for you

I don’t know if you are joking, but 500 plex is 1,4B, that’s the Transfer cost :D, I’m not gonna give money to you and a char :slight_smile:

fair enough gl with the sale

I’ll pay transfer cost.

I accept the offer

Isk received, EVE Character transfering

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