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They’re gonna cost WAY more than that

Neither will you if your offer is a measly 20b. I’d say assuming CCP doesn’t botch the ships and make them trash, they’ll be 200b at a minimum. Likely much higher, 300-500b

3x the amount of normal. These are still (probably) incredibly OP ships falling into the hands of powerful alliances. If you think they’re gonna dump all of them on the market and let the price tank it’s you who knows nothing. Furthermore, price is determined by supply and demand. There’s going to be WAY more than 140 people willing to pay 20b for a Mordu’s AT ship. I’ll make an offer of 30b for any Raiju or Laelaps here, to anyone reading this


Serious talk. Eve mail me. My offer is 30b once I see hard stats.

Stands at 40 now

Willing to negotiate. but also first come first serve.


Closed at OP’s polite request.