Getting the itch to play eve but more casually than anything atm. I would like to look at getting into wh space again but there’s always null … not looking to join any wars but im not adverse to defending space. im not looking for anything where i have to go on x amount of ops a month, as i have a pretty hectic life atm and i play to chill and relax. I live in UKTZ and work varied shifts so play time varies.

Mail me in game if you want to know more.

You Are Welcome With us :slightly_smiling_face:


If you would like to keep it small and chill, thats pretty much our own mindset.No null blocks and their politics or mandatory ops, but on the other part, we would like to keep us organized internally.Also eutz and we meet most of the times at nights.A bit about us in our post, and if anything might sound like a good fit, poke me.

Hi there m8 and welcome back i guess :slight_smile:

I think we might be a good option for you.

feel free to see our latest vid and get an idea of what we do.

You can of course join our discord and our public fleets whenever you like

see you in space


Good Day FaithJr

We in the UK/ EU time zone and my corp might be for you. I am just like you who took off some time due to RL stuff and want to come back and build a new home for myself and for others to fly with.

My corp is called Dark Eclipse Academy [DARCA] and it is at the infancy stage. I want to get that core group of about 10 to 15 people that can help me grow and also help me mould the corp into something amazing. If you think you might be that guy then we are happy to have you.

Our first 6 months will focus more on high sec / low sec stuff with us using High sec as a base but then venturing into low to get the pvp shakes on. We are close to Jita and so it’s not an issue to get ships fitted and then go roam in either cal/gal mil or even take the back door road into Min/Ama Mil zone. We also close to Pandemic Horde space so null trips are a thing.

Most of the guys that I have been speaking to also want to do some blops stuff so we will always be looking for some hunters and other blops pilots.

RL is always first with me. I have 2 kids and cannot be online every night. So if you want a more chill place then we are that place. Rather than a corp it’s more a gathering of old and new that do stuff together when online and able to play.

I hope you give us a look.
Our in-game channel is: DARCA
Discord can be found here: DARCA

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