(Theodarum) #1

Hello dear friends, I am moving from Delve for ethical and moral reasons of universal consciousness. This auction is strictly made for experienced capsuleers or for who wish to earn a lot of isk by reselling it.

Ships: Nyx, Rorqual, Apostle, Thanatos, Revelation, Naglfar, others.
(Most of them fitted with templars and mining drones, Faction and Deadspace modules.)

BPC ; Blueprint copies


Total Sell Value: 52.01 B
Total Buy Value: 48.97 B


Total Sell Value: 13.05 B.
Total Buy Value: 10.51 B.

Starting at: 40 B.
B/O : 60 B.

This auction will end in 7 days exactly.

(Aishtar Sheran) #2

good reason

(Twin Pipe) #3

Mail in game sent.

(Theodarum) #4

I’m selling everything together, make me an offer that I can not refuse and it’s all yours.

(Theodarum) #5


(Johny Rambo) #6

32b for 1DQ stuff

(Theodarum) #7


(system) #8

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