Closing a thread

Is there a way to close a thread?

Thank you


Putting it into the title is one option.
Tagging an ISD in the requesting post is another.

You can tag the ISDs by writing @ and the name afterwards. Whitespace turns into an underscore _.

Like… (they will love me for this :grin:)


The third option is writing your request in a post and flagging it.



You can bribe the ISD/GMs.

Mentioning Erotica1 is probably the most reliable


I truly did laugh out loud Ralph. You have been missed.


Erotica 1 did nothing wrong.


Might help if you tag ISDs that are part of the forum moderation team, I, for one, can’t close threads, only ramble on about lore.


Is there lore about ISD power struggles and the ability for the lore team to have access to such a feature?

Sorry about that. :slight_smile:

The list i get, when i write @isd_, is really short and you were in it. do you have a cpmplete list i could tag, for humorous science :grin:

and hey, of all ISDs I tagged, you were the only one responding. that’s not right! :smile:

If you go to you can see a list of forum staff. We can close threads just ping an ISD on that list.


Going by the established isd lore and related information, I’d more say the division as a whole is one governed by procedures, policy and bureaucracy, otherwise it’d not be able to function properly. So power struggles of that kind would most likely be stopped very quickly by the powers that be, either by throwing the involved parties into a fedo pit, or perhaps resorting to other creative means


Would be nice to have distinction between ISD’s so you could see at first glance who is who (in signatures for example :joy:)


Thanks for this! Now i have far more examples to use the next time! You’re super helpful, as always! :smiley:

No problem.

@Lasairiona_Raske, was there a thread you wanted closed or were you asking in general?

There was, yes, but I believe it has quieted down. It had gone off-topic. Thank you very much.

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Free The Erotica 1

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oh, you’re a role player!

Without looking: is it because of Diana Kim? :grin:

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Who else?

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While I too think that sometimes the player behind Diana really pushes it, i also think that s/he’s the best damn PR you guys have. Far better tnan this wannabe important Nautilus guy.

Whenever I see him; I just wanna punch him in his face. iC, or course. I guess that means he’s doing it right.

Amarrians… grrrrrrr

As there is a system bot automatically closing threads, maybe we should have “@system close” to do it automatically. That way we’d not need to bother ISDs and i won’t get to call the whole forum staff into one thread anymore. :smile:


@system help

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