Closted - WTS 31 mil scanner

Rebekka Von Blitzen

Has her scanning skills all at 5.

Most drone skills at 5, but not much gunnery or missiles.

Cyno 5, Cybernetics 5.

I starting to get ready and move toward capitals, so she has Jump drive skills trained, and advanced spaceship command. But the only capital she can fly is Caldari Freighter (at 2).

Starting bid will be 25 bil. Buyout at 32 bil.

Confirming I am for sale

25.5bil isk ready

I’m considering it. I’ll let this run a little longer.

I’d like to the conclude this sale for better or worse on Tuesday. If the highest bid is still at 25.5, then so be it.

26b rdy )

28 bil b/o?

Although it is still Monday where I live, I just checked the eve clock and it confirms it is now Tuesday on Eve.

I will accept John Central Bradford’s offer of 28 b, if it is still available.

Msg me, or reply here any time in the next 11 hours and we can conclude the transaction. (After that I’ll be at work for 8 to 10 hours… ;-( )

hi can i send isk and account name?

isk and account name sent to Rebekka Von Blitzen

She’s on her way! Sorry for making you have to wait.

Character transfer is started.

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