Cloud EVE Settings

I know many of us have different settings for EVE, and sometimes we go to our friend/relative house to play EVE and have to set up all the setting again. My idea is that CCP allow some kind of cloud settings (with optional to turn off, allow may be up to 5 settings per account) so that we don’t have to mess around for 30min - 1hour for setting up our overview, windows location etc…

It’s called a laptop…

i play EVE on PC, can’t play on laptop, screen size too small for me :slight_smile:

Oh, does organization save to the location, not the character?!?

I can see how that could become extraordinarily obnoxious.

Yes everything is client side if you play from a PC and a notebook you have to set things up again on the other or transfer the settings over by copying the related files and any time you make alterations have to repeat the process, though overview settings specifically can be exported to a single file which can be imported easily after copying the file over to the other device but that only applies to overview presets and such not the placement of windows, their size and such.

Bruh, why?!

Because CCP


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