Club Zer0 is recruiting! Alphas, Omega n00bs, & returning vets preferred!

Hey there, fellow capsuleers! Club Zer0 is looking for you!

Club Zer0 is a young start-up corporation in Gallente High Sec that is focused on Industrial and Combat-related pursuits. We’re looking for new and experienced pilots to come and join us in building a new legacy. We seek mature and respectful pilots of any age to come and enjoy this fantastic game together. We are a multipurpose corp with many experienced members specializing in many different activities.

We prefer quality over quantity.
We want people that genuinely enjoy the New Eden cluster and socializing with other pod pilots.

What are we looking for?

  • Pilots who are willing to relocate to the Essence Region
  • New players and Alpha clones welcome
  • Be active & friendly
  • Wants to earn ISK as a team
  • Wants rewards for loyalty to the corporation
  • Want to play with others - this isn’t a single-player game
  • Pilots must adhere to our policies which will be explained during the recruitment process

We offer the following:

  • Regular Mining Fleets: Full boosts, ISK paid for mined ore, equal shares for newbros
  • Regular PVE Fleets: Level 4 missions & other PVE
  • Corp Buyback Programs: Easily sell or buy Ore, PI, and Salvage.
  • Alliance Website, Forums, Discord.
  • PvP basic training
  • A friendly, mature, experienced, and helpful team from around the globe.
  • Promotion Opportunities: As we grow, we want you to grow with us. This corporation rewards it’s members and supports those who wish to help the corp.

We want every pilot who joins Club Zer0 to have fun and stick with us for a long time, but if they decide to leave, we want them to know what it means to fly in Eve with a team.

Interested in Joining?

Please note that we currently operate mostly in the US TZ but we want people from everywhere in the world.

Join our in-game channel “Club Zer0 Pub Chat” and speak to one of our recruiters.

Warm Regards,

Angus Thermopollye - CEO, Club Zer0 [CZ0]

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Still looking for players that don’t mind the fact that I sometimes forget to warp the rest of the fleet because I’m high.

We’ve had a couple of pretty chill people join up and made some local friends in our area that has really paid off. We’re still looking for people of all stripes that want to work with a laid back corp and be social.

We’re looking for quality, not quantity. If that sounds like it might be up your alley, hit us up.

Still looking for a few laid back souls who want to occasionally dive into wormholes and lose ships.

I have not played in a few years (about 7) interested in getting back in.

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Welcome back, @Mareel_2. I’ll try to get into contact with you in-game. Talk soon!

Would returning veterans get a startup promotion? Like an instant promotion of some sort because of experience

Titles maybe but not access to corp assets. Everyone earns their place in our corporation, regardless of whether they’re a veteran player or not.

Quite a shame, not even an accelerated promotion?

As I said, everyone earns their place in this corporation, regardless of whether they’re a veteran player or not.