CODE - can anyone can explain?

Sure, CODE is irrelevant in today’s game. I guess that’s why I see a couple trillion ISK worth of freighter kills and ganks by them every single month on ZKill. You know, because they are irrelevant…


How many trillions in 04.2018?

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Sorry, not going to let you Salvoshred this one. Let’s not argue over semantics.

The point is, CODE kills a ■■■■ ton of freighters, miners, and blingy mission ships 24/7/365 and you know it…


I guess irrelevance has a strong correlation with threads talking about them?

No relevance = many threads about them

In all honesty, they’re not that hard to ignore in game… you just need a minimum of attention and brainpower.


Exactly. Based on this thread, then I guess bumping and cloaky camping are also irrelevant, because there’s only about 3,000 threads on each topic…

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2.67 trillions in 04.2018


CODE is a group that provides people in Highsec with a glimpse of what is possible in this game. One doesn’t have to be a fan of “salt farming” to see that it is good for people to understand that peace and solitude is not the only and may be the least interesting way to play EVE. CODE delivers that to people who have not been to other areas of space. If Highsec is not safe, people might have less fear to visit Lowsec, Nullsec and Wormholes.

You don’t have to like their RP aspect or the way some of their agents might mock people to harvest tears. For the overall dynamics of the game, CODE (and highsec ganking in general) is very good.


So CODE is no longer a fringe/niche thing?

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Meh. Destruction in EvE during April 2018 was about 1.4 to 1.5 trillion across the month. Assuming data points were taken daily, that is roughly 42 to 45 million across the whole month in total, meaning the “mighty CODE.” ™ [sic} was responsible for 6%? Give or take?

So @Ima_Wreckyou and @QuakeGod are lying?

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Here you go.

That was already linked.
Read thread.

Without CODE/gankers, every single player would have AFK miners PLEXing their accounts while they were away at work…heck we’re almost there now with tanked Orcas under NPC corp banners sitting in HS vacuuming-up ore.

James is the #1 hero of HS…


Try to find out by klicking on the link which I provided to backup the number I wrote, unlike the other poster who providet nothing at all.

To difficult for you again?


Then at 2.6trillion for April, suicide ganking can no longer be called fringe or niche.

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Yeah, it means you really should get a mining permit right now


Nah, it means the player/isk attrition caused by suicide ganking is no longer a fringe/niche aspect, and is valid for review by CCP.


It means there are even more lazy miners and freighter pilots skill injecting into ships they have no business flying, while carrying multiple billions in cargo than ever before…

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Suicide ganking is increasingly cock-blocking changes to wardec and HS aggression mechanics.

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Ganking is still a niche content

It’s not for everyone,
It’s not as easy as people seem to think it is,
It’s definitely not a mainstream activity,

Its not like ratting or mining