CODE - can anyone can explain?

That would apply to ganking a fresh new player in his rookie ship. In which case I agree.

However ganking a freighter for example is a completely different ballpark and is an unquestionable part of the game, but furthermore the pilot actually has measure s/he can apply to reduce risks or outright avoid being ganked, thus in such cases your example is completely false.

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Can you explain how a venture can defend himself to a suicide gank?

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By not mining AFK?


But in EVE this kid could have prepared for that situation.
It’s not completly random which player gets ganked. There are enough ways to keep CODE and other gankers away from you.
Or you keep going for max yield and stay semi-afk/completly afk, but in this case, pls don’t whine because you have lost a ship to gankers in HS.

  1. Dont be afk
  2. Keep an eye on local
  3. Add known gankers to contacts with bad standing
  4. Keep an eye on the grid
  5. Keep an eye on dscan
    And if all the above isn’t the right choice for you:
  6. Don’t leave station
  7. Don’t log in

And to all the Barges and Exhumer, fit some tank, even on ventures it’s not the badest idea…


Also losing a Venture is a minuscule loss which is covered by a single load or even half-load of Veldspar in a Venture, thus even if someone gets ganked every now and then, should still come off as ISK positive by far. Losing your ship is part of the game, even the tutorial teaches you this.

Edit: Funnily enough often the wrecks (loot) remaining from the gankers’ ships would cover one or even several Ventures so you just have to take the loot and sell it.


Eve is also an even-playing field. Everyone spawns into the game world the same way and gets to make their own destiny.

In Eve, no-one is defenceless, and no-one can even die. It is just a free-for-all open world game where we gather and build and fight for supremacy. It’s pretty sad you can’t see this.

Miners (and exploreres, ratters, missioners, haulers, etc.) are given an inducement to play as the prey item for the other players in exchange for resources. Other players get to play the role of predator and take those resources. The smart and careful gathers avoid getting caught and are better off for it. The bad ones get eaten and are content and resources for the other players.

This is the core design of the game and always has been. The New Halaima Code of Conduct is a manifestation of this core idea of the game - that we are all each other’s content playing in a virtual PvP playground. The Code puts a light RP face on it, but basically just is a flowery version of The 8 Golden Rules as well as a banner that servers for like-minded players to rally behind. The OP is correct to observe that it isn’t a real RP group or just a bunch of griefers, but actually something - say a philosophy of what Eve is - that a subset players believe in, some quite strongly.

The CODE. Alliance could go away tomorrow, but the ideas of the Code will live on forever. Only CCP (or a new owner) deciding to throw out several core tenets of the original game design could kill it, and if they did that, would Eve really be Eve anymore? That is a point for philosophers I suppose, but I think pretty much everyone can agree that New Eden is a richer and more interesting place with The New Order of Highsec and the CODE. alliance, and that this player-built narrative is exactly the gameplay CCP set out to enable so many years ago.


Perhaps more practical (fit-wise rather than just above situational wise) … fit best AB you can & speed tank at 5k orbit (difficult to lock); sacrifice MLU for core stab (more for LS but also difficult to lock); consider ECM in mid (not in HS; increases chances of not staying locked).


Learn to play?


It is not.

A player who played 10 years have way more advantage than a 1 month old character that goes mining to make his first money.

In CoD you go into the same match, with the same equipment.

It is not really that hard to tell the difference.

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But you can do that in EVE too if you want. The only difference here is that EVE allows you to do a lot of other things besides shooting at each other, but choosing to do one of those other things doesn’t entitle you to any protection, you can still be shot the same way that you could if you chose to fly a combat ship…

EVE does give you the tools to avoid being killed if you fly a non combat ship, but pretending that you should be able to carelessly do whatever you like and not be shot just because you’ve chosen to fly a defenceless ship is incredibly lame…

What do you mean “defend”? What the Venture can easily do is avoid being ganked by orbiting the rock it’s mining, watching local, and getting ready to warp away when potentially hostile ships appear on grid.

The tools are there, but you do actually have to play the game and be willing to learn, instead of being afk and making wrong assumptions about how things are or should be…


Eve is like a perpetual CoD game that never ends, and you have to gather and build your stuff. As such, shooting the other players while they try to gather and build better weapons (and take them for yourself) is a valid, even optimal strategy. It’s probably more similar to survival-inspired Battle Royale games like Fortnite and PUBG, than CoD, but it is suppose to work this way. Would you say it is unfair for someone to snipe you while you go for an uber-weapon or loot crate you see across a field in PUBG/Fornite?

It is indeed obvious to see that established players have an advantage, but that is also completely intended. This is a persistent virtual world and PvP sandbox. Everyone enters the universe in the same lightly-skilled clone with 5 000 ISK and a rookie ship. What you do next is up to you.

If you don’t want to play in such a perpetual world, why are you playing Eve?


Catch it on undock. On a gate, warping out. Warping to station. There are places where you can hardly avoid it if someone knows what he is doing. Somethng like safe undock bookmark isnt everywhere, and there are no alternatives to switching on autodock if you want to dock safely, but who does that in venture? :thinking:

As a max prestige in Black Ops 2 (with all diamond camos) that’s simply not true lol…

I have way better equipment than a level 1 starting, and more experience…

In Eve, age means nothing, neither does SP

A 500k sp toon can kill a 120m sp toon if the latter has no experience lol

except one can fly T3C and the other dont :slight_smile:

Stats would seem to indicate suicide ganking is becoming more lucrative and more frequent.

Whether that is an “issue” to CCP or players, is up to them, but suicide ganking is approaching the point it can no longer be said to be a “niche” activity.

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No one cares Mr. Parrot

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Or both can fly T3Cs, but one chose to fly an orca instead :stuck_out_tongue:


The chance for those is minimal, who would go to such lengths to catch a Venture? Besides if someone mines they usually do in the same systems so they can indeed set up instadock and insta-undock bookmarks. But besides even if they are caught every once in a while that also should not be a problem either…

I last posted some 25+ posts ago, and didnt parrot anything I said there, now.

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Completely irrelevant. What I wrote applies regardless.