Colonization Wars

The New Eden cluster is explored and large Empires but also large capsuleer power blocks have dominated the vast majority of star system with the exception of a few spread out pirate space and some entrepreneur WH and Null Sec space systems. The Triglavian forces have started to invade New Eden more frequently these days and one science team has studied the technology used by the Triglavians and drove it further, way beyond expectations and created the first ever operational Interstellar Gravitational Anchor Jump Drive. With this drive it is possible to bend space time in a way to basically reach any location within the Galaxy in almost no time.

For those drives, mounted on any ship larger than a frigate size explorer vessel, it requires a special interstellar gravitation beacon to be lit where the drives nav system can log on to, to calculate the jump and not destroy the ship while jumping through space time.

This opened up a new option for capsuleer corporations that thrive for the unknown and are willing to risk anything to explore and conquer new worlds of unknown richness and traps.

Colonization Construction Dock:
Corporations will be able to build and anchor a Colonization Construction Dock. This structure allows to build one Colonization Motherships at the time and equip it. It is the ONLY structure that can do this…

    • Those CC Docks require fuel to be operated.
    • There can only be one Dock online in a given system at any point in time
    • The Dock is visible on the overview.
    • The Dock cannot be set up in HS Space
    • If no Mothership is docked or under construction the Dock will remain in low maintenance mode and will be easy to destroy by attacking forces.
    • If they are not fueled they will go offline, regardless of being in use, meaning a Mothership is docked or under construction or not. Offline Docks have no Shields and will directly drop into final timer after being reinforced.
    • If destroyed while a Mothership is docked or under construction the mothership will be destroyed as well.
    • If they are fueled and a Mothership is docked or under construction the dock will be indestructible.
      A single corporation can only own 1 Dock at the time.

Colonial Motherships:
Corporations will be able to build Colonization Motherships in NULL, WH or Low Sec Space. But can only operate one per corporation at the time. The purpose of those ships is to colonize a new solar system and after deployed, be the forward operating base for its maximum 75 inhabitants
Those are in space built, gigantic ships. The CM is so big that it can host a multitude of possible fittings but it always comes with a tradeoff.
• Focus on industry means reduction in harvesting options.
• Focus on military means a reduction of industrial options
• Focusing on harvesting means a reduction of military options.
They will require modules to be created and mounted, to specialize them for 1 out of 3 use cases.

Military = Focused on Military capabilities such as a Large Ammunition Bay, Large Ship Hangars, Fighter Bays, can mount larger number of offensive weapon systems and Command Burst Modules and Bonus to Military Ship and Equipment Manufacturing but will have malus on Invention, component manufacturing and reactions and has a reduced slot layout for research and invention.

Industrial = Focus on industrial capabilities Large number of research, invention, production and reaction slots, Bonus to research time and material efficiency, invention and component manufacturing as well as reactions. Large passive defense systems and can fit offensive weapon systems

Harvesting = compression array, extensive PI and Ore Hangars. Harvest Comand Burst Modules. Large Industrial Ship Hangars, Bonus to Mining, Industrial Ship and Harvesting Equipment manufacturing. Will not be able to fit Fighter Bay and Offensive weapon systems. Very Large range of passive defense system options.

• While under construction or completed but still in the Docking Bay, the Colonization Mothership will not be destructible as long as they docking bay is fueled.
• Offline Docking bays make the entire structure incl. the CM destructible.
• The CM will require a large amount of resources to be built.
• Colonial motherships are not covered by insurance.

The Mothership has two modes:
1.) Full Deployment Mode:
This mode is used to establish a full functioning forward operating base and the center of all activities within the system. In this mode the Mothership will transform into a full scale space station hosting all activities within the system. Based on the fitting and slot layout as well as the selected Rigging (which will determine the focus) the Station will have respective Bonus or Malus.
Only in Full Deployment Mode the large cargo hangars will become accessible for the capsuleers where they can start using the material they brought with them, to establish a system infrastructure and built additional equipment and ships required to survive and prosper in the new environment.
In full deployment Mode the Mothership will still have a limited capacity of ship hangar and station hangar space. Once all space is occupied with material or ships no more production or resources can be stored in the Mothership. This size of the respective Hangars will be determined by the layout of the mothership upfront.
Personal Hangars will be limited to 1.000.000 m3 (800.000 m3 Ship Hangar and 200.000 m3 Item Hangar)

2.) Military Deployment Mode:
This mode is meant to be stage on for a conquering attack on a system that is already owned by a corporation, which means there is already a fully deployed Mothership in space.
The Military Deploy Mode provide access to all fleet and Ship hangars of the Mothership and its clone bay. It also allows the Ship to operate it’s Fighter bays and Weapon systems. But all industrial and building capabilities as well as the resource hangars are locked until it goes into Full Deployment Mode. So the team that enters the system with the intent to capture it has to survive with the military fire power they have brought with them, to kill the enemy forces.
Personal Hangars will be accessible during military deployment mode


In any of the two deployment modes the Mothership becomes stationary.

The Jump Drive Anchor will be active for 15 minutes if not removed by entering the deployment mode. A Mothership has an active anchor timer once it jumped into a system. It has to be set to either one of the two deployment modes within 15 minutes or it will be portaled back to its dock immediately.

Deploymend Model will take 5 minutes and cannot be undone. The Mothership can move from Military Deployment Mode into Full Deployment Mode but not back from Full Deployment Mode to Military Mode.

If there is a mothership already in full deployment mode in a system and another mothership jumps into the same system, will not be able to go into Full Deployment mode until the other mother ship is destroyed.

It will be able however to go into military deployment mode. This mode will have a timer of max 14 days until after the mothership will enter a reengage mode where it can jump to other beacons within 7 days. If the 7 days are passed without the ship jumping out, it’s engines will overheat and burst and leave a harvestable wreck and jettisoned items for the surviving motherships population to pick up and refill their stock.

So there is no way 2 friendly corporations can lock a system for more than 21 days and this time will not be sufficient to generate enough revenue to compensate the loss of the ship and make profit.
The Mothership will go offline (regardless of the deployment mode) if no clone has been activated within 45 days. This means the mothership will stay in space to be salvaged by new colonizing capsuleers deploying a mothership in that system. An offline Mothership will not be reactivated and all docked ships and goods are open to be gathered by the new colonizing forces.

Colonization Solar Systems:
Those solar systems are rare and can be found be specialized explorers. The solar systems will be different in set up and resource availability, so a good due diligence by the explorers is required to determine the exact benefit of colonizing a given solar system. The combination of resources will be sufficient to create a large number of different items and ships but may not be enough to build everything possible. So the colonizing team will need to make tradeoffs.

However, these systems are very rich in resources and host also rare combinations of resources not found anywhere else in the galaxy. Only drifter and triglavian ships have a technology to reach those systems for occasional aggressive actions against the local population. Those systems will have Environmental effects and no regular local NPC population. All sites will need to be scanned down.

Once a solar systems will be successfully colonized the colonization mothership will host all activities as the forward operating base. Based on that, the solar system can be utilized by the owner corporation and all maximum 75 capsuleers that came with the ship.

Other explorers may find those already colonized systems and set up jump beacons for other motherships to jump in and conquer the respective system by defeating the residential population and its colonization base.

Those systems will not be able to host any kind of structure other than a fully deployed mothership. So the colonization team cannot anchor citadels or similar structures in space there. The only infrastructures allowed are POCOs for Planetary Development
Only 2 colonization motherships can be active in a given system at the same time.

Gravitational POD Relay Stations:
Harvested resources can be transferred out of those solar systems using the full deployed motherships built in Gravity Anchor PODs that can transport goods to and Gravity Anchor relay station in the New Eden cluster, regardless of what faction or owner corp.

Those Relay stations (if not owned by a NPC corporations in High Sec) however can be aggressed and destroyed hence the goods transported there and not picked up on time, will be jettisoned into space.
Relay Stations have unlimited capacity for goods.

This is a one way system. There is no way to transport items back into the colonized Solar system. Pirate Space will also allow anchoring of Relay stations, but there is only one per system allowed and it can also be aggressed and destroyed by the pirate faction owning the respective system.

Special Exploration Ships:
Exploration ships can only be frigate size and will need to fit a special gravity generator rig to enable the installation of the Interstellar Gravitation Anchor Jump Drive, which allows them to enter random interstellar sub space rails. They will be ejected into regular space within a random system either in the known New Eden Cluster, a nearby WH system OR a colonizable Solar System.
Depending on skill level and special gravitational stabilizer mods, chances are between 0.1% up to 1% for a successful jump, with max skills and max fitting of mods. There are around 200-250 systems available for colonization.

Jumps will require an enormous amount of energy/ fuel to be activated hence those ships also require a special strontium cargo hold unit. There is a cool down after every jump, that increases just like jump fatigue.

The gravity generator engines can only be charged in Low Sec, Null Sec and WH space and will cause the ship to stay in space for about 1-2 minutes, depending on skills, until fully charged and during this time they can be easily attacked as they will be visible on the overview like a cyno beacon.

The explorer would need to analyze and map the system to be sure the colonization team knows how to outfit the mothership to have the best possible starting conditions. If something is forgotten this may very well be the end of the endeavor, before it even fully started, as they can only have the resources in the first place which they bring with them.

The colonization beacon can be made public, so any colonial mothership can jump to it or it can be corporation only, hence only the corporation owned Mothership can jump to it. Only a max of two beacons can be lit in a given system at the same time. If a mothership is already deployed there only one beacon can be lit.

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