Triglavian Invasion : Add Null Sec expansion / Edencom NPC hulls

The null sec dwellers are being excluded from the system invasion content.


  1. Add null sec constellations to the list of Trig invasion candidates for the next patch.
  2. Add Edencom hull types as NPC ships in lieu of empire faction ships.
  3. Add Pirate faction hull types along with Edencom hull types where space is gurista, angel, sansha, etc.,.

Bonus :

  • Prioritize the systems in the null sec galactic war regions.
  • Trig/Edencom fleets include all upwell structures as spawn / roam sites - cyno beacons, jump gates, cyno jammers, ihub, TCU, etc.,.
  • industrial , force recon cynos can spawn Trig/Edencom fleets (exclude covert cyno fields)
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Nobody is being excluded. They can come to HS/LS if they want content.

Also: lorewise, the trigs are invading empires, not unclaimed space.

Empires have not replaced their navies with Edencom; they defend their territory with their navies. They don’t withhold non-Edencom forces for trigs and exclusively use Edencom when confronting them - they throw anything and everything they have. Also: Edencom is a relatively small group, so it is not sensible lore-wise for them to appear en masse. That would be like suggesting the size of the US Navy SEALs is on par with the total size of every police department across the nation. It doesn’t make any sense.

It’s not their fight

It’s not the target demographic for invasion

Unclear on what you mean here - elaborate?

Why? How is this enhancement better than alternative enhancements?

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