Colony star clusters?

I’m operating off the idea here that known space only comprises of a small cluster of stars within a larger galaxy.

Perhaps the empires could consider the triglavian threat to be significant enought to warrent creating escape options should the threat continue to grow, so they lobby Concord to start constructing stargate networks outside the bounds of normal known space, in areas that would be known as the colony star clusters.

Idealy each empire would get one colony cluster to themselves, and would have their own super stargate leading to the heart of their own colony cluster, while null sec would have supergates leading to the edges of the colony clusters.

In addition, since these would be brand new areas of space that havn’t had their materials over harvested by the empires yet, there could be brand new materials here that once existed in known space, but were long ago snapped up the empires, and the reserves of them were jealously guarded by the empires, preventing capsuleers from gaining access to them.

I don’t know, maybe it could be a way to shake up the meta. Who knows?

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maybe they can finally open up jove space?

Personally I don’t particularly care about Jove space.

LIke, a Second Renaissance like Apocrypha was, but focused on opening up new valuable sov territory that the old player empires to move into, leaving the old space for new players to move into.

it seems very difficult for new alliances and coalitions to move in on sov space. it seem the only way to do so is by renting space from established powers, or by being groomed by one to become a new power like Test was by the Goons.

If the old, esablished powers found new space to move into that was more valuable than the old space, they’d move there, and most of the old space would hopefully be left vacent for new powers to establish themselves.

Or maybe the old powers would be able to hold onto the old space. Who knows?

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More space, it sure would ‘shake up the meta’ but I don’t see how putting the same amount of people in twice as much space is going to have a positive effect on gameplay.

Space would get rather boring if we had to fly around much further to find people to interact with.


Agree, Each space seems to have its flavor a play style, any more space added would have to in some way or another be unique and offer something new

There’s already far to many empty systems


Great idea. I vote in favor of this.

And what’s to stop the old player alliances from just taking it and their current space?
Empires expand to fit their container until they meet an equal group that prevents them.
Everyone and their uncle posts “do this to get newbs into null” but the truth is whats needed for newbs to get into null is forming a group around strong leadership. this group will then be competent enough to move to npc nullsec where there is no requirements for them to hold sov or anything.
Npc null is newbs growing field. if they can run a small alliance out of there doing raid style PVP etc then they can either choose to join up with a bigger alliance, Form their own, etc. then start putting out space assets and so on. If CCP wants Noobs in null they need to make NPC null space with NPC station more attractive and less occupied by power blocks.


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