Color change to skills outside Alpha 5mill limit

I’m an alpha, only because I don’t have the time to dedicate to EvE like I used to. The 5 mill limit is perfect.

In my lack of understanding(and research) of skills I can’t train as an alpha without skill injections, I bought a few skill books that I can’t train unless injections are used. Not really a problem but annoying. The max on some of my main skills have expanded, and I can’t transfer them higher either.

I was hoping that there would be a color change to the skills and levels that are outside alpha limit. The only way to tell is to load them and see them gold/grayed out. Seem like a lot of work to figure out you can’t train something…

Hopefully soon they will add a second color to separate alpha and alpha expanded skills, like the gold Omega borderlines. Maybe the blue color of skill injectors?

There are no “alpha expanded skills”, there are 20 Mil SP of Alpha skills, the frist 5 Mil you train are what you are calling “alpha skills”, and the next 15 Mil are what you are calling “alpha expanded skills”. There is no set of skills, it is different for each character.

Exactly… The Omega skills were colored gold differently for each race. Now you have to find your 5mill limit before you need the injectors. Plus ALL ALPHA SKILLS are just gray and you have to figure out what is “Alpha” and what’s “Alpha plus injectors”.

I was planning to rig a gallente ship with another race’s guns but they are outside “Alpha” gallente base skills.

The expanded over the race alpha skills should be colored separately than the gold Omega and white or grayed alpha skills.

“You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means”

There is no

There are 20 Mil SP worth of Alpha skills that are the same for every race.

The only 5 Mil that applies is the “Total Skill Points” shown at the top of your skill sheet.

There is no such thing as this. As of the Dec update there aren’t any “race alpha skills”

I’m not sure Anjyl did the best job at explaining that this is not a thing.

By your definition “Alpha” is whatever you (and I mean YOU individually not a general you) decided to train first and “Alpha plus injectors” is whatever you decided not to train first. They only belong to the former or latter category because of your decisions. How can the game be colour-coded to match the whims of every individual player?

Let me give you an example.

If you are Gallente and you spend all your time training Drones and Gallente Frigates and Gallente Destroyers and Gallente Cruisers and Gallente Battlecruisers up to Gallente Battleships and reach 5m SP in the process, then to YOU Caldari Destroyer III is an “Alpha plus injectors” skill.

If you are Caldari however, and follow roughly the same progression as above but for Caldari ships, then Caldari Destroyer III is an “Alpha” skill.

See the problem?

Likewise, if the very same Caldari decided to forget about Caldari ships and train Amarr ones, then Caldari Destroyer III would become an “Alpha plus injectors” skill for the very same pilot.

To put it even more simply, let’s say there are only 4 skills in the game, Caldari Titan, Gallente Titan, Amarr Titan and Minmatar Titan. A pilot can pick one, any one, doesn’t matter which race they are. The other 3 need injectors. Now which 3 do you colour differently bearing in mind you don’t know which 1 the pilot is going to pick?

Each of the 4 can be either an “Alpha” or an “Alpha plus injectors” based on what the pilot picks.

Hope that clears things up :slight_smile:

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Yes there is. I’m an alpha that maxed my alpha skills before the deciding update, max gallente possible alpha skills. And I can’t the other race skills, like Amar frig 1, there is no skill requirements that I need before I start it.

The “5mill alpha skills” are still race restricted (not locked) without a skill injector. I can take a fresh amarr character and can’t touch a ship skill like Atron with out skill injections.

Yes that extra 15 mill is including the cross training on the other race frigs and cruisers. Its not all battleships and battle cruisers skills and weapons.

I could be a fresh clone right out of the tube, and I still need skill injections to train another race frig skill, like frig 1. The “Total Skill Points” of a alpha still has nothing to do with it.

Not sure what you base this “theory” on but it is completely wrong. I had a Gallente char that haven’t got to the 5 mil SP limit yet as my other chars on the same account were training (one at a time not parallel). When the Alpha skillset was expanded to 20 mil SP total I was able to use skill books to add the other racial frigate skills and train them up to the Alpha maximum no problem without skill injectors.

These are 100% FALSE.

Also false, the Total Skill Points is all it has to do with.

If you maxed your Gallente skills before the update, that means you had 4,5mil total SP, once you trained another 500k SP everything will be locked without an injector. It has nothing to do with race.

If you want to link a screenshot to make any point please make sure it includes your total skill points, you just managed to cut that out.

I said this:

Then you said this:

Spookily enough, it turns out that what I said without even knowing the particulars of your skill training history, perfectly describes the situation you now find yourself in.

This is not coincidence. Try listening.

You don’t have a problem with Amarr Frigate 1 because Amarr Frigate 1 is an Injector only skill, you have a problem with Amarr Frigate 1 because you used up your allowance of non-injector skills when you hit 5m SP.

By all means, go ahead and try it … please …

I guess you both have to be right… I just can’t believe that they have 5 mill floating on a random skill number.l over set skills.

I maxed my character on the ol alpha set and I can’t believe the difference it made… now if I could just max my core skills, I would be amazingly happy.

That’s why I was wanting a second color to train up an alt to the first alpha set.

If you beat me with the big picture long enough, I guess I’ll figure it out eventually. Thanks


I wouldn’t worry about the first Alpha set, it wasn’t a good skill set. Just try to build a toon with the skills to do what you want to do. Regarding core skills, here is a good start:

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