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just noticed yall changed the colors a tad. i like it!

I just noticed it today so maybe it was a recent change but the routes seems more pastel spectrum than neon

I like this
I also recently noticed the icon change for the DST fleet hanger, Super Legable now thank you very much


Until you realize that your route has several 0.6 systems on the way, which are much harder to distinguish from the other security levels. I guess making the UI less clear is one way to make people commit mistakes rather than do something by informed decision.

At least 0.5 is still easily recognizable but everything else in high sec is just one hue and washed out instead of clear and crisp as it is in the old UI.




oof yeah.

Nice comparison

Again i like the pastels, nice color tone but they need to do a repass. way to hard to tell between the 0.5 and LSs

Want to one up this! The distinctions between 0.8 - 0.6 are way too subtle now. Thank you for mentioning this.

Can’t you remap the colours using the colour blind mode? What about a high contrasting mode?

You can easily check the route systems using the API or route mangement window?

See EVE - Check before you jump! and EVE Swagger Interface (you can query the API easily using PowerShell in a few lines as it’s a public API with no authorization).

Here is a basic route query function in PowerShell to start you with

function Get-EveRoute(){
  param (


    [ValidateSet("shortest", "secure", "insecure")]
    [string]$Flag = "shortest",



    [string]$DataSource = "tranquility"

  Invoke-RestMethod "$Origin/$Destination/?datasource=$DataSource&flag=$Flag"

Then you can query the result and check the system details with EVE Swagger Interface

How is that supposed to help? These modes change all the colors in the client, not just those of the route hud.

I should not have to open additional windows just to see if a rectangle is a 0.8 or 0.6. The Route hud should show this information without additional mouse clicks, mouse movement or external services.


They also removed the triangles on the route icon list when Trigs were invading. So they’ve removed quite a bit of informative information on that control. One has to look at the Gate iconography to see that which is more awkard than a slight colour change.

For more detailled information we typically have to combine the API sources, would be nice if the route control had more advanced customisation.

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Oh. So it’s a color change. Ok… I thought that my monitor is dying and tried to adjust the saturation. (edit: Not complaining. This actually happened.)

Please do not adjust your monitor

Anyone active on this thread mind checking the DST inventory look on the old version. I’ve run proton to the point I forgot what it looked like and I want to compare

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