Combating POCO spam

Too many planets have POCOs, often owned by zombie corps devoid of active members. How should CCP combat POCO spam? Fuel.

POCOs should require fuel blocks to stay in orbit; otherwise, they should lose altitude and crash into their host planets.


You can just kill the POCOs.


Since POCO’s are one per planet, how on earth can there be spam. There is a fixed number of them.


I’d much rather get rid of the 37 million dead sticks floating around…

Declare war on the zombie corp and then blow them up. Unless it’s in null sec at which point you can just skip the declaring of war.

news flash, thos POCOs were originally NPCs that you couldn’t even shoot before ccp got the idea of letting people shoot them and replace them with playerowned for more destruction.

This, or

Are you lazy or something? (@ op)


Never assume it is s one dead corp. It is a holding corp with limited access. If you Dec the holding corp, chances are the real owner will ally in or someone they hire will.

As for Fuel, I would be completely against this. Some POCOs would never be worth the fuel costs and time. The POCOs would constantly fail trapping players into using the command centers which sucks. It’s a poorly thought out concept that benefits no one but you. I’ll pass.

The other issue with fuel is, there are still POCOs owned by Interbus. I’ve seen them in wormholes. The point being, I doubt CCP intended for Interbus POCOs to be crashing and burning.

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No such thing beacause every planet had an NPC POCO be default in the begining.

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Step 1: declare war
Step 2: reinforce poco
Step 3: don’t shite yourself when the 200man parent corp allies in .
Step 4: smack talk about pirat because they’re definitely involved by now (if its not their poco to begin with)
Step 5: Jump into the nearest “nerfwar” thread (if there isnt one , start one!) and cry about it all being terribly unfair.


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