Come join the Faction Warfare militias for The Fac-War Face-Off! December 16th, 2023, 20:00

Greetings Capsuleers!

Today I would like to introduce the EVE Community to a brand new player-run event happening in Faction Warfare space:

The Fac-War Face-Off!

Created as a joint effort between leadership from all four militias, the Face-Off is an all new year-end pvp event. The idea is a simple one. We wanted to bring together the four empire militias and brawl it out for frags, fun, and bragging rights! So what does that mean?

Who - All four faction militias

What - An all out slugfest!

Where - Fliet

When - December 16th, 2023 at 20:00

Why - Up the overall activity profile of the warzone with an event that highlights all four militias. And… you know… to fight.

How - Our current rules are as follows:

  • Cram everyone from your militia into one single fleet.
  • Mainline DPS ships MUST be from your faction’s navy lineup
  • T2 links and T2 logi are allowed.
  • Caps and T2 battleships and are not allowed.
  • Pirate BS are allowed in a support capacity.
  • No headshotting. We want the fight to last and good leadership teams are key.
  • Meant to be a brawl. Don’t bring a nano comp but there is no ban on MJDs.

As you can see, the goal here is for each militia to fly their respective navy’s ships into battle as the core damage dealers but we’re leaving links, logi, and support up to the FC teams. With this happening in FW space, we can use complexes to avoid cynos. But if you’re interested in warping your neutral HAW dread into 4 full militia fleets as they’re about to slide a Large ADV… we’ll just have to welcome you the only way we know how.

With that information in hand, I’d like to invite all militia pilots to reach out to their corp/alliance leadership to make sure you’re all participating. If you’re unsure who to speak with, or you’d like to seek membership in a FW corp and don’t know how to get started, please reach out to me (in game: Borisaurus, discord: xaesthetics) and I will get you in touch with someone from your militia that can set you on the right path and/or provide recruitment resources.

We’re very excited for the Face-Off and we hope to see militia pilots new and old logging in, joining fleet, and blowing up!




If this works and everyone is there, do you think it is gonna be full tidi?
And what is your estimate on how many kills there will be?

And another question: if i am fighting for the Caldari militia, will i be able to fly a moa or will i need to fly a navy Caracal because you said that: Mainline DPS ships MUST be from your faction’s navy lineup

Edit: it is on 12/16/23 at 20:00 eve time right?

Looking forward to this event :slight_smile:


While I assume there will be tidi, I can’t say for sure it’ll be full tidi. That will probably be contingent on the number of outside groups that show up, though we’ll be requesting some attention to the area from CCP so they can reinforce the node.

Kill estimate is very difficult to make and so I won’t make any promises, but there will probably be several hundred (or more!) people in local which means there will be a lot of kills available.

If you’re flying with CalMil then you will probably want to be in the most relevant navy ship even if that means training up to battleships and large weapons but just using meta modules. This will help your fleet/fc with performance metrics and it will help you feel like you can participate the way the fleet intends to function. That said, with reality being what it is, we get that not everyone has spare isk around to buy a navy battleship and assume it will be dead by the end of the day. So I’d say get with your militia leadership and see how you can contribute even if it’s with ewar or logi or links or whatever.

If you know you’ll be joining CalMil but don’t know who to reach out to, I’m happy to point you in the right direction.

Ok, i currently don’t have EWAR or logi skills trained, and i don’t really wanna buy a navy variant of a ship that is probably gonna be dead by the end of the whole thing(mostly cuz i don’t have that much isk)

Thankfully, you have more than two months before the event. If you’re not already involved in a corp/alliance, there’s time yet to join one and I feel like you’d have no issues finding someone to pass you a ship.

Yea, is there a reason for only navy variants or is it just because why not?

The whole event is a ‘why not’ when you get right down to it. But because it’s all four Faction Warfare militias, we felt navy hulls for mainline dps would be the most thematically reasonable thing to do.

Yeah, that kinda makes sense

Do you mean the navy variants ie. Scorp navy, caracal navy, etc, and no Rohks or moas?

Thanks :blush:

My dude.

“Mainline dps” for Caldari would be Scorpion Navy Issues or Raven Navy Issues.
If you can’t fly, it don’t want to fly, such a ship, just bring a useful Caldari ship along.

A plain Raven or Drake, Crackle, Corax, Merlin, Osprey, Bantam whatever.

The whole point is to be there, shooting stuff. Exact ships are less important than the funsies.

Talk to your local squid commanders, whatever you bring, it will be welcome if it’s Caldari based.

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For thematic reasons, we’d prefer people get in the Navy hulls. But it isn’t like you’re going to be prohibited from participating if you bring a T1 ship. Just want to give people a structured opportunity to form up in their militia’s finest fits.

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Bumping this post as a reminder that we’re now just over 2 months out. We’re very excited!

We want ISK prize money that would be donated from Alliances part of the Faction War.

3 billion ISK for the member with the most kills / least number of ships lost.
2 billion ISK for the member with the second most kills / least number of ships lost.
1 billion ISK for the member with the third most kills / least number of ships lost.

Two weeks from today, folks. Ask your CEOs and Directors and Alliance Executives if your group is getting involved. If not, contact me in game or via discord and I can put you in touch with someone in your Militia that will be organizing.

Next weekend!

We’re really excited and hope to see as many people as possible in local!

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