Come shoot things with Rifterlings [RLING] || USTZ/AUTZ Faction Warfare + Pirate || No SP required!


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Are you… A newbie looking to jump right into excitement and learn by doing? A veteran with a mean streak, and a taste for good PvP? Do you like to take risks and blow up a lot?

If so, join us in Rifterlings [RLING]!

Rifterlings is a corp for daring pilots who love the rush of a good fight. We are part of the Minmatar Militia and regularly fight both pirates and Amarr – be it solo, in small gangs, or even occasionally as part of large organized fleets. The corp has a storied history and is now set up to grow and head for more adventures and good times. Join us!

We offer:

  • Citadel-based staging point
  • Loads of free T1 ships and fittings; grab one and go!
  • Faction Warfare opportunities for income
  • Mentoring in fun PvP for those who want it
  • Membership in one of the leading USTZ Minmatar Militia alliances (Wild Geese.)
  • A positive environment in which to fight, experiment, and have a good time


  • Zero skillpoints required! Alpha accounts are OK too!
  • A dedication to immerse yourself in PvP as your primary activity – no alts
  • -2 or higher standings with the Minmatar Republic
  • Ability to use Discord for voice comms
  • A brief interview with a recruiter

Interested in joining? Hanging out? Blowing us up? Whichever it is, come by the weflyrifters channel and let’s see what we can do. rling_small

(Petrus Blackshell) #2

Recruitment is still open, and the warzone is active!

(Petrus Blackshell) #3

Still recruiting! Join us and you might look this glorious while blowing up, too!

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