Comet Mining done differently

Random idea I got from after having seen an asteroid impact crater graphic on a moon that I have not ever seen before (it basically looked like Tycho crater on the moon instead of the standard, dull Copernicus):

  • Asteroids should regularly and randomly impact into moons to create different deposits of ores for a pull or two.
  • There could be somewhere from 5 (in very small regions like Fade or Kor-Azor) up to 20 (in large regions like Vale of the Silent or Venal) impacts per month.
  • Fresh impact could reuse a slightly modified version of the Moon Pull Scar effect to minimize the necessary workload for a visible indicator of an impact.
  • Structures on a moon with an impact could send out a ping about the impact. I would not be against no notification in order to make people check their moons more thoroughly to notice the impact manually and scan the moon to see if it’s worth it or adjust pulls.

Since we won’t get real comet mining any time soon, this would be a neat way to introduce some randomness to dull and predictable moon mining and it would encourage people with positive experiences to take better care of their moons.

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