Coming back from 2015

20$ sub? 2b PLEX? Ship skins? Daily logins? Battle-pass like event? Triglavian ships?

With all this money they make, the game must be radically different and much more fun, right?

Jokes aside,
is dualboxing still a thing for normal people at 20$/m?
is there anything new to do?
how safe is null these days?

I want to give the game a chance again, so I’m looking a low-risk & decent-isk activity to get back into the game. Any suggestions?

Yes, yes, yes, yes (along with daily activities).
Events are free. Triglavian (and Edencom) ships are from the new Abyssal content.

Lots of players still dualbox, yes. Abyssals, Homefront operations, lots of new content (high-sec, low-sec and null).

Low-risk, L4 mission running/blitzing is still fairly decent.

Exciting right? :smiley:

I don’t how different from 8 years ago but I have fun when I log in.

Don’t quote me on this but I think that by now we’re at tripleboxing, not sure.

Vanguard seems to be fun, once they add a bunch of stuff and iton out all the kinks.
They’ve introduced Havoc… no description necessary.
There are more ships. Mechanics changes…
Hypernet… Good luck.
New UI, you can have two Overviews. Read the patch notes.

Depends where and when.

I hear Mining is fun.

I’m in my Venture mining some Dense Veldspar right now, should be able to plex my account by the end of the month, watch me go.

Whats Havoc?

What do you do when you login?

Look at you go!

The definition is “Widespread Destruction”.
And I’m not being obtuse.

Learn a bit more of a skill that just finished maybe.
Open my notes. Take a look at some systems I have bookmarked as interesting.
Check my mail.
Check my market orders.
Take a look at the Air Program and see if I can advance in some sections of it, depending on what I’ve logged in for.
Sometimes I want to go bookmark spots in asteroid belts for later mining.
Sometimes I want to do a couple of missions, increase my standing with a corporation.
I spend some time on the market, try to outsell, buy low, sell high…
Sometimes I build a few things, ammo, modules…
Few different things.
I have a few good ships. When my skills get a bit decent I’ll go to Lowsec and waste it on a failed attack, learn a few things, rince and repeat.

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Multi-boxing is still a thing. $20/m isn’t worth it for many for even one account. Wait for sales, multi-month discounts, or bundles that also include other things you want. CCP has more packages at more price points these days, so check the store page.

New stuff to do: Abyssal deadspace, some FW changes, the new Pirate insurgencies, Pochven. Air Opportunities (daily tasks). Filament diving. Mining ships have seen some upgrades. Trading and manufacture have gotten more complicated.

Null is as safe as the local nullcorp can make it. Which means choose your corp and area with care.

Low-risk / decent ISK: Work your way up the Abyssal tiers til you find your comfort point. Learn to huff gas in WHs with Ventures. Some types of relic/data hacking if you’re patient and careful. Try some of the new FW stuff/Pirate insurgency stuff. Look for an Incursion group you can fit in. Group up or multibox for some of the Homefront Operations sites.

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