Coming Soon: Metaliminal Storms in Nullsec

when does this actually release?

Several days ago :stuck_out_tongue:

any way of knowing what type of storm they are from the map without going there?

check on the map and go the geopgraphy option,

I see an option to see if there is a metaliminal storm, but nothing to see the type of storm.

@CCP_Fozzie is there any word on when ESI endpoints will be available so we can build weather tracking websites and tools? Thank you.

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What if the lack of information is intentional, that the designers want the players to go there and actually find out for themselves ? A futile effort of course in making a new nuisance an “interesting new feature”. There will be storm chasers and data will be published on websites in EvE’s best tradition ANYHOO.

As to the storms themselves: Providence region was hit by two major storms on the 20th. They are still there on the 29th, and neither seem to have moved significantly. For example, KBP7-G has been the center of a major one since then, the entire B-WPLZ pocket hasn’t had a storm free day. Just outside, Dital has had the same persistent stormy conditions for 10 days. Dihra, after having suffered a - you guessed it !! - an Electrical Storm, had one or two days storm free since the 20th but is now back in stormy weather.

If there is movement of these storms it sure as hell is SLOOOOOOW, and most likely too SLOOOOOOW.

And, dare I suggest it, the title is misleading…

CCPlz shield resist enhancer low slots :smiley:

Self-rep ship meta? I wish that was possible but it just isnt, F1 monkeys cant learn to use their reps and itll be even easier to break ships, aswell as how useless T2 shield boosters are in pvp

Honestly I was kinda dissapointed to find out that this is only happening in Nullsec. I’m a new player who’s currently based out of Hisec and I was looking forward to seeing this myself.

If the center of storm spawn close enought to high sec, you can see the effect

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Yes. There’s currently a trig invasion highsec system in Caldari space on the edge of lowsec that has one of these storms in it.

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Keeping half an eye on the storm movements in Providence. They do not appear to have moved significantly at all since roll-out. The storm in northern provi, originally centered on KBP7-G, has moved exactly one gate in 20 days. The two pockets in that area (B-WPLZ and JEIV-E) remain affected since the roll-out. The one in southern provi appears to move slightly better, although it does not “roam” as was suggested in the announcement either. Even with a cadence of 48 hrs the storm center, originally on KBP7-G, should have moved away by at least 5 or more gates, instead of remaining in the two or three systems like it does now. It is currently on the XHQ-system one gate to the south of KBP.

Judging from quick glances at the other storms on the map, the situation there seems similar.

Perhaps the algorithm could have a memory of sorts, or work with a forced move when systems are revisited within one or two steps of the cadence, or simply dissolve after x days (as one would expect of storms), or even use a predetermined path that recognizes closed circuits when generated ?

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Oh interesting, guess we can get a weather brocast system on the screen of station/structure hangars to make perple aware of the storms? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The eve-scout website has a storm tracker at Storm Track
Love those guys :smiley:


That could be really nice!

It would require a new update to the videos or some way to dynamically add values to the videos, to update the current system names for the storms in those holograms every day, but if it could be done it would be a great addition. :smiley:

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How has the reception been on these storms? Systems I’ve visited under a weather effect are mostly empty and there’s a constant ambient droning noise that can’t be shut off unless you turn off “World Level” which also disables Gate/WH activation noises…

I see multiple types of Relic sites (from different pirate factions independent from the region) spawn in electric storms.
I do not know if that’s intended.