Community approved activities?

So, a phenomenon I’ve noticed since I started playing a few months back is that the established community (see: players who’ve been active for 2+ years) have a tendency to more heavily approve of specific activities. Obviously newbros who dive straight into PVP are loved by the community, but also those who get into wormhole exploration and even escalation hunting gets less negative talk than mission running/mining and there’s of course more than a few people who speak rather negatively about renters and vexor krabs.

Matching up with this observation perfectly is also the fact that newbros (myself included) tend to enjoy those activities more than highsec mining, mission running or ratting behind 10 layers of intel bots safely in the shadow of GSF (or various other such entities).

The common thread I’ve noticed about the activities that tend to be more approved of, is that they have a tangible chance of player interaction (typically the violent kind). Even players who aren’t typically interested in PVP prefer activities where there’s a tangible chance of it happening (even if it’s just so they can run away from it like me). Obviously there’s exceptions to this little observation of mine wandering around hi-sec giving CODE, Vendetta and others juicy screenshots of rage on a day to day basis, but mostly people want this game to feel multiplayer.

TLDR: people are drawn to activities where they stand a chance of competing with others, PVE or PVP based.


I agree to everything mentioned.
But why is there a “?” in the title?

I think it depends really on who responds to a particular playstyle.

As for PvP, it’s what Eve revolves around for the most part. Even sitting in high-sec you can get killed by another player. It’s the nature of Eve.

But the nice thing is that if you don’t want to focus on that aspect so much then there are other playstyle like you mentioned; mining, exploration, missions, ect.

I think mining/industry will get certain responses that it does is because to a lot of people, the playstyle can be considered the most boring or tedious style. But on the flip side, without the industralists there wouldn’t be ships getting made so that the guys out pvping can have their ships. :blush:

Everything in Eve is connected in some way which is nice imo. Personally, I’m an industralist and I love it. Which was weird for me because in any other mmo that I’ve played prior to Eve, I absolutely hated any type of crafting, but here, I love it because it feels more rewarding and it’s also nice and relaxing.

Do what you enjoy despite what someone else says, there’s so much to try and do in this game amd try. Just get out there and have fun! :kissing_heart:

Careful with this argument, I’ve seen people using it to support the idea that they (highsec miners) should be excluded from PVP altogether.

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I think that argument is silly.

You are never excluded from PvP. Well… Unless you stay docked up :rofl:

I’m an industralist, but I know that as soon as I undock I should consider that ship gone (the mindset to know that anything can happen is important imo), but if I end the day and dock safley in that same ship, then that’s a bonus. (I should note that I started to have this mindset when I still lived in high-sec) :ok_hand:

Who cares what people say or “approve” of?

Everybody do what they want.

Want to be an F1 kommando? Fine. Want to be a PI wannabe-tycoon? Fine. Ganker? Fine. Miner? Ok. Scammer? Alright. Scanner? Great.

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There’s a mistake in the logic.

PvPers generally also do activities that aren’t just ship combat. If all carebear miners and industrials left the game, no one would bat an eye, because they’d be replaced. The PvE’rs project their exclusion of activities onto the others and assume that it’s normal to have one role and being stuck with it. They could be considered good, obedient slaves. Err i mean voters.

In reality, if all carebears left, mining would be worth it again and the new miners and industrialists would likely provide actual content, especially for the gankers.