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I loved playing Eve about 6 years ago… mining, industry, etc… Not really into PVP but doing occasional missions and working with corp friends… it just seems like that whole aspect of the game is so different and up for grabs. It’s PVP all the time now… or am I missing something?

When was EVE ever not PVP?

Yes, this is correct.

Nothing stopping you from

if that’s what you enjoy.


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Well the game is built upon PVP. So i’d say take another look.
Are you talking about all the ganking? Yeah its a bit hectic lately on the Jita route.

If you want to mine, then mine and built stuff if you want too.

Mining, industry and markets are competitive - even missions you’re selling your loot and salvage to other players. In that sense, most activities in Eve involve player interaction. With the military simulation it’s synchronous - you and your opponent need to be in the same place at the same time. With the economic simulation it’s often asynchronous - you don’t need to be logged in the same time as the people you’re competing with in the market.

It has always been PVP all the time… if you find your area of operations too hot then move to different one?

Yeah, there’s nothing stopping you from carebearing it up. Of course, CCP is currently trying to make Eve more dangerous, but they aren’t trying to attack or get rid of any playstyles or areas of space (including all the PvE activities).

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