Coming back and have some questions

Played this game for a bit a while ago. I was using my character to scan salvage, hack etc.but don’t want to do that now. I want to come back and try either trading mining or manufacturing I was even thinking about hauling.
Anything other then combat and exploration/ hacking. Which is fun and descent for making isk?

Hauling sucks for both fun and profit. Mining can be profitable, but again isn’t very fun. Manufacturing … you train up, research BPs (inactive and not really fun gameplay) then pick a place to build your stuff, again inactive and not really fun gameplay, just waiting on timers not actually doing stuff, so no fun.

Combat is where its at, and if you really wanna have fun with it then use some extractors / injectors and get into the new Triglavian ships. Now these are fun. best and most interesting ships CCP has released so far.

Fun is where you find it. While mining may not be everybody’s cup of tea, there are plenty of people who do it. Mining, in my opinion is a very zen like activity - easy to do on one alt, while you doing other stuff on another alt. Indy is also another occupation - if you pick the right products, you never have to undock, just use hauling contracts to move your mats around. Station trading is also a thing - again you never have to undock. There is also PI, which in my opinion is just a terrible click fest, but some like it. There is also these guys With them you can use your scanning skills.

Thats about all i can think of that is non-combat related.

You can get yourself hired as a spy. (you might need to do pvp to keep your cover)
You can cloaky camp a nullsec ratting system and ask for ISK to “go away”.
You can scam in the trade hubs and enter giveaways.

As Vol said: Fun is where you find it. From personal experience fun mostly happens when there are other players involved. So I would recommend to go find other humans.

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