Community Beat for 4 March

Hello everyone o7

The latest installment of Community Beat is here!

The EVE Online community is vast, and the Beat aims to help pilots discover new parts of the community that they may not have been aware of before. This week we look at a the scientific journey of a Raiju entering the Hypernet, evemoedesu’s structure bash art, some funny highlights from Friendship week which recently concluded and give a little shoutout to the man himfself, Steve Ronuken.

If you have an upcoming event, or thoughts on what you want to see - let us know! It’s getting close to Fanfest and we can’t wait to see you all there.

See ya in a couple of weeks.


Heck a vid on what to expect in iceland might be good.



I’m sure they are working on it but I do agree. Would be nice to see what to expect out of this for us who are new to the event.



i have to agree… i’m not wearing any right now.

I’m a little more dapper looking at the moment. Not just a wifebeater :wink:

(common slang term for the kind of sleeveless tshirt in the picture)

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used to wear them alot when i was younger, now not so much…

Nevermind, wrong weekend…

Less irl stuff more in game events.

They haven’t cancelled it yet?

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