The Community Beat for 22 October 2021

Greetings capsuleers!

The second installment of Community Beat is here!

The Beat is the latest project from the EVE Online Community Team to shine a spotlight on things that are going on in New Eden and help you discover new parts of the community that you may not have been aware of before.

It was awesome to hear your feedback from the inaugural publication, and we look forward to more of that going forward. If you have an upcoming event, or thoughts on what you want to see - let us know!

Until next time,

Fly safe o7


Thanks for having me :smiley:
Hopefully I didn’t make too much of a fool of myself :wink:

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Perhaps have a live streaming cam for any automatically detected “above average” or “unusual” happenings around Eve?

No faction warfare content? Didn’t the amarr and caldari take 100% of the warzones.

Thanks for the shoutout!

I want to share the love and point out that even the fleet that took out the final 19% of the structure in a mad suicide run was not EM alone, but an EM-led mixed fleet of assorted pro-Edencom alliances, and as zkill will show of course many more people were involved in taking it that far. :slight_smile:


@CCP_Swift I like the short format. It is nice for people who are busy.

Thank you for informing us about some of the events and highlights that happened the last few days/weeks.


So glad to hear!


I missed the first installment of the BEAT, where may I find it?
Thank you.

Someone forgot to add the #community tag below the second installment, plus there should be a #beat tag for this particular thing because #community is way too crowded. And maybe CCP should also add the tags at the top of the pages and not hidden away at the bottom where no one looks and where you overlook these tiny badges easily.

Thank you

The link to the first edition was cleverly hidden. Forum cloaking device.

It was linked in the opening post, but was easy to miss. (I also missed it myself at first) :slight_smile:

CCP Swift: “… the inaugural publication …”

Removed some off topic posts.


at last it is the community beat that everybody asked for lol .You people should update your LinkedIn profile you gonna need it

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