The Community Beat for 5 November 2021

Greetings capsuleers!

The third installment of Community Beat is here!

The Beat is one of our favorite new projects from the EVE Online Community Team to shine a spotlight on things that are going on in the EVE Online Community - both in-game and out. Our aim is to help you discover new parts of the community that you may not have been aware of before.

It was awesome to hear your feedback from the previous, and we look forward to more of that going forward. If you have an upcoming event, or thoughts on what you want to see - let us know!

Until next time,

Fly safe o7


Were there videos recorded of EVE Vegas? If yes, would be nice to include links to these videos or a playlist in the Beat.


Ohhh featured :blush: why thank you! :heart:

… typo my name after the link tho haha. That Chirbba impostor! :joy:

oh and you should totally print some of those mosaics for fanfest in their original size… or have some custom ff made :slight_smile: Would be epic to stand next to one in real life


He’s secretly The Mittani, you know. Just like you AND Max. :smirk:


Btw, @CCP_Swift what kind of drugs is Hilmar smoking that he thinks being in any way involved with NFTs is a good idea? Does he want EVE kicked off of Steam?


Any mention of eve now embracing and incorporating NFTs? Going against steams tos seems like something that would affect the community.

Well, AT players will set it up through their EVE account…

Thank you for the post ccp swift.

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Glad to see these posts coming with frequency - even when there an AT going on.

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:hot_face: :hot_face: :hot_face: :hot_face: :hot_face:

This EVE Vegas this year was a player run event; there were no conference-style chats, just a huge group of awesome EVE players hanging out and reveling in one another’s company

There were extensive chats with Steam to ensure that our implementation did not conflict with Steam’s policy on cyrpto/NFT/blockchain. Worry not! Steam will continue to be a storefront community for EVE Online :slight_smile:

worry not steams morals are as nebulas as ours!

“proudctions” ?? Shouldn’t that be “productions”?
“a foundation” - NARROW NO-BREAK SPACE’ (U+202F) before “f” looks like no space at all in a chosen font.
Lost a period at the end of first paragraph in “ALLIANCE TOURNAMENT XVII”.

To be honest, most MMOs perform poorly on Steam and it gets worse if you multibox, so encouraging people to launch the game directly isn’t a bad idea.

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