The Community Beat for 3 December

Greetings Capsuleers!

The latest installment of Community Beat is here!

The Community Beat comes to you from us here at the EVE Online Community Team to shine a spotlight on things that are going on in the EVE Online Community - both in-game and out. Our aim is to help you discover new parts of the community that you may not have been aware of before.

We love to hear your stories, so please feel free to share any upcoming events or cool things and we may just feature them in an upcoming Beat!


@CCP_Swift it gives a page not found error.


ccp was cursed? interesting why

Yeah your link don’t work, not surprised in the slightest to be honest lol


This might help guys

Here’s the right link



@CCP_Swift you’ve got 1 too many r’s at the end of ‘Decemberr’. Might wanna get that.

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The new Beat was easy to read and I enjoyed the content. Thanks for sharing a few tidbits for Luminaire’s history. Nice to see the info about the courier corporation and awesome that they are still going strong. Congrats on the number of estimated jumps! :slight_smile:

I miss some friends who are no longer in Eve and RL… so it is good to see that the vigil is still being held.

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What is a communit y beat, I went to the link and still have no idea what I am looking at

As often what CCP messes up or does not provide the playerbase solves or brings to the table. :sweat_smile:


Community beat is basically CCP doing a quick round-up of ‘what’s new in the EVE Community?’ People stuff, not game mechanics or balance stuff.

Ah ok thanks

You lost a Titan, @CCP_Swift :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s pretty generous.

It’s kinda just vague surface level bullet points of recent trending reddit posts. And the occasional tid bit about a group who has reached out to the team directly.

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I never gave an estimation on thoroughness or quality of the reporting. :wink:

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Link provided by @CCP_Swift has now been fixed!

That’s a whoopsie.

Thanks everyone!


Shame it is not a link to the December Update.

Perhaps you guys meant January? After the expected Christmas Whaling sales hmhm?

“The Emu’s Won” is a great name for an Australian group! lol, well done Aussies.

u stink @CCP Swift

@CCP_Swift It’s been under several names, but the same person has been behind it the whole time. United Standings Improvement Agency has been going strong since 2009.

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