Community Beat for 21 January

Hey folks o7

The latest Community Beat is out!

CCP Swift is going to be sad if I don’t add that the the Community Beat comes to you from us here at the EVE Online Community Team to shine a spotlight on things that are going on in the EVE Online Community - both in-game and out. Our aim is to help you discover new parts of the community that you may not have been aware of before.

I know a lot of you were asking for updates on the Japanese 2v2 tournament. We’ll try to add the entire retro once that concludes but the second part of it takes place this weekend on Thunderdome.

Hope you enjoy.



Thanks for posting…

Discord Destinations

There’s no shortage of Discord communities that have sprung up around EVE Online. From public Discords hosted by individual corporations and alliances, to communities for EVE content creators, to servers for those that have an interest in particular in-game activities, there’s a Discord community (or probably several!) for you.

Basically a Telephone Book of Discord channels, probably why these forums are on life support.

Also obligatory… First…


I enjoyed seeing how the Golem was made! Navyblue is very talented. Well done and very cool! :slight_smile: :+1:

(His hands are so fast in the video - I’m sure he does not even need bastion mode to fire rapid fast! (grin))

when new missions in eve? You could discuss with the site owner what best to add.


Don’t make CCP-Swift sad, please.
Thank you.

And thanks for bringing us Community Beat!
Have a good day.


Thank you!!

And i would 100% welcome working with CCP on plugging this into EvE intself :slight_smile:

Would be good to see something like this change your standings with entities in EvE and see missions/campaigns available by viewing the corp or alliance ingame or through the Agency itself, possibly pulled form the evepandora API.


I Imagine CCP would need to make a mission editor like fitting manager, with things to add in mission slots so it doesnt get too powerful and is balanced.
Would be of course tied to alliance and corporation mission hub module for a structure like citadel.


What i mean is create the mission or campaign in evepandora (full mission and campaign creation system) and it pulls it through into EvE itself, visible when viewing a corp/alliance or The Agency.

I think CCP devs would avoid the need for third party site for a feature like that. Because they dont gave guarantee of any kind that it will stay available, and dont have power over it.

For this reason they would make system similar, but entirely their own.

Most of the discord based communities have hate speech in them, wouldn’t recommend endorsing any.


I don’t know where to post this, but, why is EVE backing the skills I’ve already trained for off my character. I now have to pay for what I already trained!!

were they skills related to mining/reprocessing ores??

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