Introducing the Community Beat

Greetings capsuleers!

The Community Team is very excited to introduce a new bi-weekly project we’ve been working on entitled the Community Beat. We are adamant that the EVE Community is the best in gaming, however - like New Eden - the Community is vast. The Beat is a way to learn more about what your fellow capsuleers are getting up to in game, and help you discover new parts of the Community that you may not have been aware of before.

We’d also like to thank the Designer to the Stars himself, Rixx Javix, for the awesome logo.

The team is very excited to share a wide array of Community stories with you, and of course to hear your feedback. Let us know what you think about the Beat, and what type of information you’d like to hear more about going forward.



So its basically just a page that has some info about what other capsuleers are doing? Kinda like a news feed or devblog?


Common swift watch those typos lol

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Came here thinking we were getting the Jukebox back…


It will only ever exist in our memories now.

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Is that two times a week, or every two weeks? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I imagine it being like CCP Phantom’s “This week in Eve” where he used to go over a summary of what capsuleers were doing in and out of game during that timeframe.

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Apparently biweekly is every 2 weeks, though in my brain it’s bi-monthly.

Either way - a new Beat every two weeks!


The first one looks a lot like a normal newsletter. With animated gifs. Giving a small summary of some things that happened, and upcoming events.

Feels a lot like a flat internet paper/text version of the Eve Pulse, maybe?

If it introduces new players to new Eve related resources and personalities, maybe, just maybe, it can hopefully do a little bit of good.

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Its both! :stuck_out_tongue: two times a week or every 2 weeks. Same with bi-monthly.

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Another still born feature to be abandoned in 3 months? Like EVE Updates, which by the way was meant to be exactly for these kinds of things. :yawning_face:

providing a new and revolutionary way to engage in exciting and profitable gameplay content in Low and Null Security space.

And right off the bat it starts with reality denial. The CRAP is nether exciting nor profitable and has so far received nothing but negative reactions.

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Apparently, so is ‘fortnightly’ - but since it isn’t spelled like the other ‘Fortnite’, I guess folks might get confused…

so its not a byeweek?

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Ah yes, this seems similar to Riot Games’ Nikasaur’s Summoner Showcase (back in the day).

Another thing to get done a couple times then forgotten about forever.

CCP and their projects is like me and feeding my pets.

you are correct on all counts got to love English where bi’x’ means both.

ah but that depends on what time it is when you say fortnight as it rather unintuitively doesn’t count days but nights so it could wind up being 15 days.

Can we please switch to a language that is less ambiguous and stupid?

That’s nothing. Back when I was playing Anarchy Online in the mid 2000’s, the devs told us that they were, “very excited to introduce our new penile system”.

It turned out they meant “penal”, to punish people bailing on group activities.