Introducing the Community Beat

Like what, Icelandic, which is just a sort of ancient bastard Bokmal?

we need the punishments that they were handing out on Serenity, here on TQ

I understand that this new feature doesn’t necessarily waste dev teams resources though, I have kinda mixed feelings hard to say.
Player driven news sites and forums would follow the stuff in more detailed and timely way.
Looking back, You dismantled Evelopedia 5 years ago and have said that community stuff should be run by players.
I wonder why you are going back the way you came again.

probably because a lot of new players come in and throw a fit because when they are led to player created stuff and websites they are upset that CCP isn’t doing it, or that they have to rely on outside stuff that they believe should be in game…

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In before more creative uses of the word “beat” applied in Eve online

Wrong, I am afraid. Bi- means two, as opposed to twice.

Bi-weekly - every two weeks.
Twice weekly - two times every week.

(Though where the unit is a week, rather than a month or a year, one is more likely to say “fortnightly” than bi-weekly".)

Basic rules of English bastardisation of classical Greek, whatever the internet claims to the contrary… :slight_smile:

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I agree with Vortigen on the meaning of the words. There are other terms that illustrate what “bi” means in English when combined with another terms - bilingual (speaking two languages), biped (something with 2 legs, us humans for example), bilateral (relating to two sides), bicentennial (every 200 years), etc.

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While this sounds interesting Community Bait sounds more fun. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :dealwithitparrot:

Bumb for DEV post which seems like need it … little close to zero interest from forum population.

Also thanks for free english lessons and etymology & semantics . Which most of the posts are about that . At least im am learning something here.


Thanks for the blog. A curated list every two weeks is a nice and easy way to get some background/context without drowning in Reddit/YouTube/etc.

We all wanted more communication and it’s good to see it coming and taking different forms.

That Quasar Dev Blog was lights out. So interesting and important. I know they can’t create Quasar every couple months, but smaller scope topics could be very interesting as well.

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Merriam-Webster is an American dictionary, and, on this occasion, is wrong.

Edit to add - and Webster single-handed perverted correct spelling to boot, which is why the Yanks cannot spell colour!

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Of course, English spelling wasn’t standardized in the UK until the 1870s, a good six decades after Webster…

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Color, flavor are correct to me. Not a yank

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Perhaps CCP should introduce a regular session in Community Beat explaining the correct pronunciation of Highsec and Lowsec names.

I was shocked - shocked, I tell you - to hear ‘Jita’ pronounced ‘Jitta’ (‘Jitter’) and not ‘Jeeta’ by the station announcer. I’m still recovering…

People are still recovering from CCP karkur’s pronunciation guide


The playerbase really got shafted on that one.

No matter how hard I try, I can not pronounce Bifrost the same.

Hey, @CCP_Swift, since you’re here… why is it when I go to the news archives and click on ‘October’ I get the articles from October, but… when I click ‘September’, I get the articles from August?



And if I just click ‘2021’, I get…

2020’s articles.